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  • Micheaux Hollingsworth CEO
  • Earl McKoy Facility Manager
  • Amanda Hockenberry Administrative Assistant
  • Dr. Dionne Harrison Medical Director
  • Veronica Mcphatter Clinical Director
  • Katty Thomas Payroll Specialist

Medical Staff

  • Dr. Dionne Harrison Medical Director
  • Alice Locklear Charge Lead Nurse

Clinical Staff

  • Veronica Mcphatter Clinical Director
  • LaSean Williams Clinical Substance Abuse Therapist
  • Teraefean Goodwin Clinical Substance Abuse Therapist
  • Anthone Harris Clinical Substance Abuse Therapist

Education Staff

  • Stephanie McFayden Director of Education
  • Bernadine Mclean Exceptional Children Specialist
  • Kayla McRae Teacher’s Assistant
  • Jeffery Carthens Teacher’s Assistant
  • Linda RouseEducational Administrative Assistant

Dietary Department

  • Theresa Whittington Head Dietitian
  • Gwendolyn Bethea Executive Chef
  • Cheryl Mclaurin Executive Chef