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Admission Application Packet

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As a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility, we specialize in treating and assisting young men below 21 years of age who exhibit aggressive behaviors linked to psychiatric diagnosis. The clients we treat are adolescents whose conditions are no longer catered in a hospital setting or community-based care homes and whose behavioral tendencies are severe to the point of harming themselves or others.

Our licensed team of professionals is well-trained to provide the following specialized residential services relevant to the expectations of our facility. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provides assessments on the adolescent’s medical, social, emotional, and educational needs
  • Implements treatments and medications that are evidence-based
  • Provides support from a licensed child psychiatrist
  • Arranges programs that will involve the adolescent’s family and their support network

The specialized residential services at Canyon Hills Treatment Facility are considered intensive. This means that the interventions are extended only to individuals whose previous forms of treatment did not work, or if their present location of therapy is not safe for their condition. In particular, our services are especially catered to young persons who exhibit significant functional impairment mainly due to illegal drug abuse, sexual abuse, developmental disabilities, injuries to the head, dual diagnosis, or other conditions of their mental health.

Our services at Canyon Hills Treatment Facility are specifically designed for male adolescents between the ages of 6 to 16. We provide counseling, therapy, education, and other forms of support to help restore their normal functioning.

If you wish to know further about the specialized residential services that we provide, contact us today.