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Admission Application Packet

psychologist asking question to young boy

Our advocacy and goals at Canyon Hills Treatment Facility remain to be high-quality and compassionate treatment on the behavioral needs of male adolescents. As a residential facility, we ensure that our center is being led and managed by healthcare professionals and skilled individuals along the expertise of behavioral health.

Under the leadership of Micheaux Hollingsworth, our lineup of residential staff is equipped with the necessary academic training, professional experience, and compassionate heart. Along with Mr. Hollingsworth, our staff keeps the commitment to “giving children back their lives”. We care for every resident as if they are our friends and loved ones. We honor their dignity and respect the complexity or severity of their particular conditions.

Our team is composed of professionals who can handle the intricacies of administrative operations, medical interventions, therapeutic treatments, counseling, academic interventions, and dietary supplementation. You can trust that when your loved one is under our care, they will be supervised by a team of professional staff who can help them restore their overall wellbeing.

If you would like to know about our residential staff, or if you have particular inquiries regarding the departments they are handling, contact us today.