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Admission Application Packet

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At Canyon Hills Treatment Facility, we’re taking charge of male adolescents between the ages of 6 to 16 whose mental health conditions yield behavioral manifestations associated with psychiatric diagnosis. This means that these young people have prior diagnosis by a licensed psychiatrist so that they will be required to receive the treatments and interventions we provide.

Under our psychiatric services, we aim to provide medical interventions for the adolescents when it is deemed necessary or when prescribed by their psychiatrist. Their medications have to be thoroughly managed to help them live a quality life and become a more functional individual.

The needs and conditions of adolescents will be carefully evaluated and assessed by our resident psychiatrist, so that they can be distinguished to receive medications or not. Not all residents are required to take medications. For this reason, when your loved one is recommended to receive psychiatric services, it’s important to take the initiative to learn further about their options for psychiatric medicines. When possible, talk with our psychiatrists so you will have sufficient information needed for your loved one’s wellbeing. In particular, ask about other medication options, what are the possible side effects, and know the risks and benefits of the treatments.

Our psychiatric services are always intended to help the patient maintain the normal functionality of life. These medications can be prescribed when their previous treatments have not worked or their former care facilities are no longer conducive for their wellbeing.

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