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Admission Application Packet

CARF Accreditation

We aspire to meet the basic assurances for the clients we serve in regards to the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL).

On balance, Canyon Hills PRTF demonstrated substantial conformance to the standards. The chief executive officer
has demonstrated his support and commitment to obtain CARF accreditation for the organization. The quality
assurance team and all staff members have all worked dili gently in preparing the organization for its original
accreditation survey. The organization has invested significant resources to organize and develop a quality program
with many licensed and credentialed staff members. Resident assistants, the therapist, teachers, nurses, the
psychiatrist, and program supervisors have been providing compassionate and effective services to the persons
served. It is very apparent that all staff members have a very positive attitude toward making organizational
improvements to achieve accreditation and to provide the clients and their families with the very best residential
treatment services. Children and youth, parents and family members, and other stakeholders are very satisfied with
the personnel providing the services for Canyon Hills. The organization is well managed and well respected in the
community as well as the state. The strengths of the organization are its leadership and its dedicated staff members,
who are committed to the mission of the organization. There are opportunities for improvement noted in the
recommendations in this report. Some of the areas for improvement are in leadership, strategic planning, financial
planning, workforce development, accessibility, performance measurement and improvement, screening and access
to services, and the individualized plan. The receptivity of leadership and staff members to the recommendations,
consultation, and other feedback provided during this survey instills confidence that the organization possesses the
commitment, knowledge, and ability to address the recommendations noted in this report.

Canyon Hills PRTF appears likely to maintain and/or improve its current method of operation and demonstrates a
commitment to ongoing quality improvement. Canyon Hills PRTF is required to submit a post-survey Quality
Improvement Plan (QIP) to CARF that addresses all recommendations identified in this report.

Canyon Hills PRTF has earned a Three-Year Accreditation. The leadership team and staff are complimented
and congratulated for this achievement. In order to maintain this accreditation, throughout the term of accreditation,
the organization is required to:

  • Submit annual reporting documents and other required information to CARF, as detailed in the Accreditation
    Policies and Procedures section in the standards manual.
  • Maintain ongoing conformance to CARF’s standards, satisfy all accreditation conditions, and comply with all accreditation policies and procedures, as they are published and made effective by CARF.